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Heidfeld signs long-term deal with BMW

Germany’s Nick Heidfeld has signed a three-year contract to race for BMW’s new Formula One team from next season, BMW announced on Friday.

Heidfeld, 28, said that the deal represented "the fulfilment of a big dream".

The German carmaker is taking over Swiss-based Sauber from January 2006 and entering their own team after supplying Williams with engines since 2000. Heidfeld is their first signing.

"We are very pleased that Nick will be with us in what will undoubtedly be a difficult initial phase," said BMW motorsport director Mario Theissen.

"He is not simply a fast and courageous driver, he is also an analytical and meticulous worker. Nick already knows the two sites in Munich and Hinwil and is familiar with everybody involved."

There was no word in the statement about Canadian Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 world champion who has a year to run on his Sauber contract which he expects to be carried over.

Heidfeld’s deal represents the culmination of a remarkable turnaround in the driver’s fortunes and reunites him with old friends after three years at Sauber from 2001 to 2003.

"I’m not expecting a miracle during the first season after a new start in 2006," said Heidfeld. "But I’m confident that the new team will be successful over the long term."
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That piece of news made me quite bouncy when I first heard about it. BMW and Nickchen, my two favourite Germans. ^__^ Congratulations, BMW, on a very fine choice that will no doubt profit you in numerous ways!
"The fulfilment of a big dream" it is also for me. Let's hope the future will be full of more and more dreams coming true! I had faith in Nick when I first heard of him and even if all of these years haven't been that good and people told me to give up on him and the impossible dreams, now look where he's going! He's finally getting to reap what he sowed.
I really do wish that BMW keep Sauber's contract, though, and Ti-Jacques will accompany Nickchen as the BMW team's other racing driver. Then it'd be simply amazing! ... well, at least for me. ^^
"But I'm confident that the new team will be successful over the long term." And so am I! Aren't we all? ;) Especially if they'll have both H(eidf)eld and young Villeneuve, I don't think there's a chance they wouldn't be successful! ^__^
Yuppers!!! It's very good news - the team is gonna be a success in a while! And the attention of German media will be concentrated on Nick... that's a dream of a fan like me! *lol*