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And also a few off-track pictures

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OMG!!! how much hotter can he get?? .......*licks the screen* I LOVE the 2nd pic.....Nickie...
he's going to Sauber again....stupid Frank doens't appreciate Nick's talent....*sob*
Nah, I think that Nickchen is better off at BMW Sauber, because even if it'll be a bit hard in the beginning, most of the people and places are familiar to him, and he and Ti-Jacques if anyone will surely make the 'new' team very strong. At Williams, with all the engine bother and new people, he would've been more in the shades, possibly having more trouble than he will have at BMW. Maybe also Sir Frank saw that and understood that Nick's talent would get a better chance to flourish when he's in a place more like home to him? Because I don't think Sir Frank is by any means stupid, even if I still don't understand why the heck he had to kick Damon out just when things were going so perfectly. *curses* He does have his weaker moments, and maybe letting Nick go was one of those, but in the end I believe it's only better for Nick. :)
Next season will no doubt prove to be very interesting. At least I'm very much looking forward to it. ^__^
And yep, I agree with the above comment, the second pic especially is an adorable one. I also like the Morgan, but I doubt he won't sell it to me nor let me play with it. *slight pout*
I also think that Sir Frank has made a mistake letting Nick go... anyway, it will be his and his team's problem next year, and Nicky has more or less fixed future in F-1 :) it's clear that the success won't come at once, but the team has really good perspectives!
Also looking forward to the next season :) can't wait till it starts, the winter pause is the most boring time as usual!
Yum... Well, since the Morgan is unavailable, I won't mind taking care of his dog while he's away from home =) I also like his whole style and the shirt in this 3rd pic, I'll go and buy the same to my favourite boy :)